Welcome to our New Practice Manager

01 Nov 2021

We’re delighted to welcome a new Practice Manager to Accounting Insight.

Rod Wigley is a finance professional and seasoned entrepreneur, as he’s run a number of businesses over the years, including his own accounts practice, a training company and even a golf course in Spain. He’s also a professional bass player, and has travelled the world with his music, playing at prestigious venues such as the QE2!

When Covid hit last year, Rod returned to the UK. He’s known Gill Fitzpatrick, MD of Accounting Insight for many years, as they used to work at the same accounting practice back in 1978!

Although they lost touch, their professional paths crossed a few years ago and they’ve stayed connected on social media ever since.

Rod’s return from Spain was timely, as Gill was looking for a Practice Manager to help her grow Accounting Insight.

Apart from being cold all the time (as he preferred the temperature in Spain!) Rod is loving working at Accounting Insight’s lovely office in Hawkesyard Hall, learning the ways of the practice and getting to know colleagues and clients.

We’re very pleased to have you on board Rod. (And we’ll make sure we keep the heating on in the office until you acclimatise back to UK temperatures!).