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Our friendly team work hard to keep your financial paperwork in order, so you can spend your time on the important things that will help make your business and your life a success.

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Gill Fitzpatrick Managing Director

Elizabeth Lynch Accounts

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Amy Foley

Amy Foley Accounts Administrator

We want to help you grow your business.

We understand the desire to grow a business, and the limitations that can sometimes hold our dreams back, such as time, money or both.

Gill Fitzpatrick started her business in 2008 as a book-keeper working from home.  She’s now putting her business plans into action to grow Accounting Insight – expanding her client base, recruiting new staff and moving into office premises.

Gill and the team now want to help other businesses grow. We pride ourselves on building up good relationships with our clients, and getting a thorough understanding of their business, to enable us to add real value in the services we offer.

Why not book in for a FREE consultation, to find out more about how our services can help you grow your business and make your life a little less busy!